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Gynecomastia Boston, MA

Men can develop breast tissue, known as gynecomastia. While most clothing can hide this, it can be very problematic at the beach/pool or wearing any type of “dry fit” shirts. While this problem is just as common as it was before, men are now finding that there is finally something that can be done to improve their chest contour.

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Gynecomastia surgery usually takes 2-3 hours to perform but can vary depending on what needs to be done.

Since gynecomastia usually involves excess fat and breast tissue, techniques are used to remove both. The fat is removed through liposuction of the chest and the thick breast tissue is excised surgically using an incision along the bottom edge of the areola/nipple. In more severe cases, excess skin needs to be removed at the same time. Dr. Lee will determine what kind of surgery you would be best suited for during your consultation.

A good candidate for gynecomastia surgery is someone who wants to improve the contour of their chest and has excess fat and/or breast tissue. In those who have excess skin, Dr. Lee will recommend addressing this as well.

While gynecomastia surgery can make a dramatic difference in a man’s chest contour, it will not affect muscle bulk. Surgery will help reveal the muscle definition underneath, but it is up to you to build up that muscle to optimize chest contour.

Common reasons men choose to improve their chest contour include:

  • Avoiding the beach or pool because they feel self-conscious
  • Avoiding “dry-fit” shirts because it emphasizes their unsightly chest contour
  • Feeling self-conscious about their chest


Recovery is easier than many other surgeries. Most patients do not require prescription pain medications and just take Tylenol. While Dr. Lee recommends taking it easy for a few weeks, most patients return to work or school within a few days. You will go home from surgery with a compressive vest, but most patients choose to switch that out to a tight-fitting compression t-shirt of their choice.


Gynecomastia prices in Boston are estimates only. Dr. Lee will determine the price during your consultation and will be affected by the recommended surgical technique, patient anatomy, time, and implant type (If applicable). Click here for our pricing guide and additional information.


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