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Pronox Boston, MA

Pronox is a patient administered nitrous oxide (laughing gas) delivery system designed to make procedures easier to tolerate. It administers 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen and the patient controls when to take each breath and when not to. Nitrous oxide has been a proven method of relieving anxiety and pain for a very long time and has been proven safe even in situations such as childbirth.


Pronox Boston, MA

When a patient elects to use the Pronox system, they are given a single use tubing that connects to the device. The patient is asked to take 8 deep breaths through the tubing and wait approximately 30 seconds. Once the effects of the nitrous oxide take place, whatever procedure can be started. The effects of the nitrous oxide last approximately 3-5 minutes so the patient can take additional breaths as he/she desires. During the procedure, the patient controls how much nitrous oxide he/she breaths and how much of a desired effect is achieved. Once finished, the gas is out of the patient’s system in approximately 5 minutes with no residual effects.


Adding the Pronox system to your procedure does come with an additional fee. Please refer to our nonsurgical pricing page for more information.


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can i drive afterwards?

Yes! After ~5 minutes, you will feel completely back to normal without any lingering effects. You may drive and/or go back to work immediately afterwards if you choose.

how is this different from laughing gas at the dentist?

Dentists administer nitrous oxide at a higher percentage than Pronox. In addition, the nose piece is generally attached to the patient, so the provider is controlling the effect and rate of gas delivery. As a result, Pronox delivers a lower average dose of nitrous oxide and because it is patient controlled, overdose is nearly impossible.

what procedures are good for pronox?

Most commonly, patients choose to use Pronox for procedures such as RF Microneedling, laser treatments, Coolpeel, and minor surgery such as upper blepharoplasty. Unfortunately, Pronox is not appropriate for procedures such as neck liposuction or Facetite as it would interfere with the sterile procedures near the mouth.

is there an alternative?

Yes, often we will prescribe a Valium for procedures more for the anxiety relief. Unfortunately, Valium does little for pain relief and since the effects are longer lasting, you will need to arrange for a ride home.