Facial Balancing

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Facial Balancing Boston, MA

Facial balancing is a subtle and effective way to give patients the even, proportional facial appearance that they are looking for. More details about facial balancing in Boston are available by reaching out to JL Plastic Surgery.


Facial balancing is a treatment that uses Juvederm to help make a patient’s face look more proportional. This FDA-approved injectable dermal filler is administered to various areas of the face to add volume and definition.

With the help of facial fillers in Boston, areas like the jawline and cheeks will look more even. The amount of Juvederm used will depend on each patient and will require careful consideration. The specific facial features that require balancing will be discussed during a consultation.

Ideal Candidate

Patients who want to restore balance and harmony to their facial features with a minimally invasive treatment are good candidates for facial balancing. This cosmetic solution is ideal for patients who prefer to avoid surgical procedures. Keeping expectations realistic is advised, since dermal fillers are only a temporary correction.

Your Consultation

During a consultation for facial balancing with face fillers in Boston, patients will need to answer questions about their medical records. These will include questions about allergies, past treatments, current medications, and any pre-existing conditions.

Discussions regarding aesthetic goals, as well as an examination of the facial features that are causing the patient concern, will also be part of the visit. We will walk the patient through the details of facial balancing from preparation through aftercare.

If patients have any questions about the treatment, this would be the ideal time to bring them up. We will be happy to answer all questions and address any concerns.

Your Session

After determining which parts of the patient’s face require adjustments or enhancements, the facial balancing session can begin. The first step is to clean the patient’s face before the Juvederm filler is delivered. It is then administered to the identified areas of concern. The amount used and the number of facial features targeted will vary depending on the imbalance and the patient’s goals.

Following the injections, the patient’s face is cleaned once more. Once this is done, the patient can simply walk out the door and return to their day.


Facial Balancing Boston, MA

There is no recovery period or downtime needed after facial balancing, so patients are often able to return to their regular activities immediately. An ice pack will need to be applied to the affected areas. This is to reduce swelling and any minor discomfort. Minor bruising and redness may also be present for a time.

The results from facial balancing with fillers in Boston can last six to twelve months. During this time, the Juvederm will gradually and safely be absorbed by the body. Patients can return for maintenance treatments to preserve the results of facial balancing.


During the scheduled consultation, the factors affecting the cost of the facial balancing treatment will be discussed. Factors that affect price typically include the amount of Juvederm required and the number and size of areas being addressed.


To learn more about facial balancing in Boston, patients can schedule a consultation with JL Plastic Surgery today. Contact our office to arrange your appointment.