Mini Facelift

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Mini Facelift Boston, MA

A mini facelift is a perfect procedure for women and men with mild to moderate signs of facial aging A mini facelift is less invasive than a traditional facelift and requires a much shorter recovery period. Harvard-trained facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffery Lee strives to offer the best mini facelift results Boston has to offer.


A mini facelift is a facial rejuvenation procedure that is less invasive compared to a traditional facelift. A mini facelift does not provide the same comprehensive care as a traditional facelift but does focus on reducing the appearance of wrinkles, lines, and sagging in various areas across the face. A Mini facelift is great for individuals who are experiencing premature facial aging.

Patients with more severe signs of facial aging may be better suited for a traditional facelift. However, if the patient wishes to refresh the appearance of their face to maintain a more youthful appearance without receiving very dramatic results, a mini facelift may be able to provide them with the results they are looking for.


The first step will be to schedule a consultation at JL Plastic Surgery so that Dr. Lee can examine the issues you want to address and formulate a custom surgical plan based on your needs. In many cases, a mini facelift can be performed in office under local anesthesia.

The incisions for a mini facelift are generally smaller than those of a traditional facelift. Some facial muscles will be tightened, and small amounts of fat may be removed. The skin will also be gently lifted and tightened to give the face a smoother and more youthful appearance.

Ideal Candidates

A mini facelift is an excellent option for women and men who are beginning to notice obvious signs of aging in the lower face. This includes issues like jowling and laxity along the lower face. This can also sometimes be combined with tightening treatments such as Facetite for more dramatic results with less downtime.


Mini Facelift Boston, MA

A mini facelift is less invasive than a traditional facelift and requires a noticeable shorter recovery time. Most patients will need around two weeks of recovery before they feel comfortable returning to work and resuming most of their normal activities. Our team will be sure to provide you with thorough post-operative instructions to help prepare you for the process.

Dr Lee is an incredible plastic surgeon. I had been to multiple consults in the Boston Area and he was by far the most kind, patient and caring. I am unbelievably happy with my results. I could never have pictured this for myself. I would suggest Dr. Lee not only for his incredible talent, but for his bedside manner and his super kind staff. I would suggest JL Plastic Surgery to anyone! I could not be happier!

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Pricing information can be found on our plastic surgery pricing page. During your consultation at JL Plastic Surgery, Dr. Lee can let you know what the potential cost of your mini facelift in Boston will be. A mini facelift is a much more affordable option compared to a full facelift. Financing options are available.


Dr. Jeffrey Lee is a Harvard-trained plastic surgeon who has been expertly trained in the fields of craniofacial reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. He strives to provide our patients with outstanding surgical care and results. Contact JL Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation for your mini facelift in Boston.