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Botox and Fillers Boston, MA

Botox for men is treated very similar to Botox in women. Please see our Botox and Filler page for general information.

The main difference when it comes to Botox in men is that men tend to have stronger facial muscles. As a result, the doses required in men tend to be higher than in women. Either way, we prefer to start at a conservative starting dose if we have never injected you before and add until the right dose is achieved. You can always add to the effect of Botox but you cannot reverse it if too much is used.

The concerns for men are generally similar to those in women. The lines in the forehead, glabella, and crows feet bother men and women equally and are addressed with Botox


Filler is treated very differently in men and women. Since filler is used to achieve a desired look in a patient’s face, the look differs by individual. It also differs between men and women because men have certain masculine characteristics while women have certain feminine characteristics. One example is that men do not have as high and prominent cheekbones as women do. As a result, giving a man a very prominent and high cheekbone can be feminizing. While some men want this look, most do not. There are many considerations when it comes to facial analysis and Dr. Lee will give you recommendations that are individualized to your face.


Botox and Fillers prices in Boston are by product usage only. We will determine the plan and estimated amount of product during the consultation.  Click here for our pricing guide and additional information.


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