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A mastopexy, or a breast lift, is a cosmetic procedure that restores breast shape and/or contour. It involves lifting the breasts and nipples to a more elevated position. Ptosis (sagging) can occur due to various factors and greatly impact a woman’s sense of self-confidence. Over time, the effects of gravity can cause breast tissue and skin to stretch, resulting in drooping or downward-pointing nipples, loss of breast firmness, and decreased breast volume. It can be difficult for these individuals to come to terms with their changing bodies and their feelings of being unattractive. Luckily, the procedure includes one of three incision methods to correct varying degrees of ptosis, creating dramatic but natural-looking changes to patients’ breasts. It can also provide more tissue support and flattering contours for those who want to enhance the aesthetics of implants. 

As a Harvard-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Lee can provide you with the premium quality care you deserve by evaluating your cosmetics and health to ensure the breast lift is right for you. Dr. Lee prides himself in balancing his artistic skills with his surgical expertise, prioritizing safety above all else. 

To get started at his practice in Boston, call (617) 340-2822 or fill out his contact form with a question or a request for a consultation, and a member of his team will get back to you shortly. We look forward to telling you about the vast benefits of the breast lift and how it can completely transform your confidence

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What Causes Breast Sagging? 

The breasts can exhibit sagging for a variety of reasons related to short and long-term weight changes, hormonal fluctuations throughout life and pregnancy, and the result of aging. Women’s breasts are made of fat, connective fibrous tissues, and lobules and ducts to facilitate milk production. With only muscle underlying the breasts, they are subjected to the effects of gravitational force over time and changes in skin composition. Upon entering middle age or post-pregnancy life, the skin experiences a significant reduction in the quality and quantity of collagen fibers, essential protein components of the skin’s dermis that provide it with rigidity. With a decrease in estrogen levels, the breast may also experience fat atrophy, further exacerbating laxity. As a result, the skin may develop more elastin fibers and give the breasts a stretchier, looser feel. A combination of lack of breast support, these drastic skin changes, and the downward projection of fat deposits can all contribute to more aged breasts. 

Benefits of the Breast Lift 

The breast lift is an extremely popular procedure; it came in 3rd place among the most highly requested cosmetic procedures in 2020, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgery. (1)   Women seeking long-lasting rejuvenation can expect dramatic benefits since the procedure involves supporting the breast mound. The procedure: 

  • Elevates the breasts to a more youthful, higher positioning 
  • Can address downward-pointing nipples/areolae
  • Only involves changing your own tissues, so the results look and feel natural
  • Can serve to flatter your body shape as a whole 
  • Resolves issues of breast asymmetry
  • Can decrease irritation/chafing under the breasts 


To be a viable candidate for a breast lift, you should have some degree of ptosis related to pregnancy changes, weight loss, or simply the effects of gravity over time. Keep in mind that a breast lift alone will make your breasts perkier but not larger; in some cases, it may even make your breasts appear smaller. Pairing your breast lift with a breast augmentation with implants will allow for both lift and more projection/volume. 

You should be in good health with no major conditions that could compromise your recovery. Dr. Lee may consider you for surgery if you have your condition well under control with medication and/or lifestyle changes. Ideally, you should be a non-smoker or willing to quit for a few weeks to allow your circulatory system to return to its most healthy state. Finally, you must be willing to have scars on your breasts. These can be easily concealed under bathing suits and other types of clothing, but it will take time for them to fade significantly. Dr. Lee can guide you in implementing the best scar-reduction treatments that will leave you with better-quality results you can feel satisfied with. 

Personal Consultation

During your consultation with Dr. Lee, he will ask you about your expectations for the procedure and the specific issues you would like to correct. Every woman has different goals for the breast lift, and Dr. Lee understands the importance of avoiding a “one-size-fits-all” approach. At this first meeting with him, he will closely evaluate your breasts and explain his recommended procedure techniques. He will also go over the necessary steps for preparation and how you can best recover in a way that reduces the risk of complications. Before any final decisions, he will review your medical history and the results of your blood tests to ensure there are no issues that require addressing before surgery. 

We want you to feel 100% comfortable that Dr. Lee is the right surgeon for your breast contouring needs. We invite you to schedule a consultation with him at his Boston office by calling (617) 340-2822 or inquiring through his contact form online. 


Being prepared for your surgery will help promote an easier recovery and the most optimal outcome. Sometime before, you should take time to pick up your prescriptions and meal plan for the first couple of days post-procedure- the time when you will need to focus on resting as much as possible. Though it is an outpatient procedure, you should make arrangements for someone to pick you up from the hospital, since you will not be able to drive. 

Dr. Lee will take a closer look at your current medications and ask you to make any necessary adjustments. For example, you will need to cease the use of blood thinners that can place you at higher risk of experiencing a complication. You should stop smoking or using nicotine a few weeks before and after your procedure to improve your vascularization and speed up your rate of healing. Finally, you should get a good night’s rest, stop eating or drinking after midnight the night beforehand, and come to your procedure wearing comfortable, breathable clothes that will be easy to remove after your surgery. 

Breast Lift Procedure Steps 

Mastopexy can take between 1.5 to 4 hours, depending on complexity. The degree of breast ptosis and size/shape asymmetry can contribute significantly to how long it takes. Dr. Lee will take as long as he needs for him to be happy with the final result. 

This procedure involves moving the nipple higher on the breast mound and tightening the skin that has stretched over time. The options include:

  • Periareolar mastopexy: This involves a circular incision around the areola and is most suited for those with mild laxity. 
  • Lollipop/vertical mastopexy: This technique involves a circular incision around the areola and a vertical scar below the nipple; it is most appropriate for moderate laxity.
  • Inverted-T mastopexy: This procedure involves a circular incision around the areola, a vertical line below the nipple, and a horizontal incision along the breast fold. It is the most common approach and is capable of correcting moderate to severe laxity. (2)

Recovery and Results 

Immediately after the procedure, you will notice a difference in your breasts, but there will be swelling and some bruising obscuring your final results. As you fully recover over the next few weeks, this will subside and the tissue will settle into a teardrop-like shape, just like a natural breast. Dr. Lee will prescribe a compression garment specially designed for your body to apply gentle pressure to combat swelling and keep the sutures well-protected. 

As soon as you feel well enough, you should take short walks around your home to promote healthy circulation. You should, however, avoid working out and overexerting yourself in any way. You should try to keep arm and shoulder movements to a minimum. At a follow-up appointment, Dr. Lee will evaluate your healing rate and let you know when you can go back to strenuous activities. Though you will be able to go back to your desk job after about 1 week, you will have to wait at least 6 weeks before returning to the gym.

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift 

Breast augmentation with saline or silicone implants can be an excellent way to resolve breast volume loss alongside ptosis. For this added procedure, Dr. Lee will use the same incision locations to insert the implant. If you are considering implants, he will be sure to outline your options on breast implant material, profile, size, shape, and placement (above or below the pectoralis muscle) at your consultation appointment. Dr. Lee can insert implants and perform a breast lift in the same procedure. 

Cost of a Breast Lift in Boston 

The cost of your breast lift will depend on anesthesia fees, technique utilized, whether or not you choose breast implants, other surgical fees, and more. During your consultation, you will receive a detailed quote with all of these aspects in mind. If interested, feel free to inquire about financing options with PatientFi and CareCredit, letting you reap the benefits of a breast lift without worry over making one out-of-pocket payment. If you want to explore other procedure options, please visit Dr. Lee’s blog.

To get started on your journey toward greater self-confidence, call our staff at (617) 340-2822, fill out our online form, or visit his Boston office in person. Dr. Lee and the professionals working at his practice will treat you with the care, compassion, and expertise you will need for an exceptional breast lift experience. 


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