Why Newer Generation Breast Implants Are The Way To Go

Did you know that there are three main breast implant brands in the United States? Allergan, Mentor, and Sientra, are big players in the game. These companies make both saline and silicone implants of various profiles but they have all moved toward the newer, higher-fill silicone gel implants which tend to be more expensive than the older generation silicone implants.

The good news is that many of these newer implants have a cohesive gel which makes them less likely to ooze if the shell ruptures. One example of this type of implant is the Natrelle Inspira gel implant, otherwise known as the “gummy bear” implant. These implants are great because they hold their shape even if there is a rupture.

The safety profile of all three major brands is pretty similar, and their warranties tend to be similar as well. However, Allergan does offer some perks that patients may find appealing. If you get a breast augmentation or breast implant exchange with Allergan implants, you can get free Botox or free Juvederm Ultra filler. Who doesn’t love a little extra pampering?

It’s worth noting that all three brands’ newer-generation implants have similar longevity. While opinions may vary, most surgeons recommend having your implants exchanged every 10-15 years.

At the end of the day, the most important factor in choosing breast implants is finding the right surgeon. However, Haute Beauty expert Dr. Jeffrey Lee recommends going with the newer generation breast implants as they have the most up-to-date technology and silicone gel that will benefit you in the long term. So, do your research and choose wisely!


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