Vitamin C – The Ideal Summer Skincare Product

It is no secret to my patients that I love retinol products but using a retinol in the summer can be risky and difficult. Retinols cause increased sensitivity to the sun, so I often recommend refraining from using this product in the summer months. In its place, I recommend a vitamin C product.

Incorporating vitamin C into your skincare regimen is a great idea for any time of year. Since it does not cause the irritation retinol can and does not increase sun sensitivity, vitamin C’s are extra beneficial for handling pigment, acne, and complexion during the summer.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant, so it protects the skin from damaging free radicals. Additionally, vitamin C inhibits the production of melanin thus decreasing the appearance of hyperpigmentation and preventing further dark spots from arising. Vitamin C helps to even the overall complexion and texture of the skin without the side effects of a retinol which makes it a great option for anyone interested in taking a break from using retinol. I often recommend switching on and off a retinol throughout the year so adding a vitamin C to your skincare regimen is perfect for maintaining the results you have achieved with a retinol.

With an abundance of products on the market, vitamin C serums and moisturizers are easy to come by. My favorite vitamin C product is the 10% Vitamin C Self-activating moisturizer by ZO Skinhealth. This medical grade skincare line offers a range of products that I highly recommend with everything from your basic cleanser to retinols and other treatment-oriented products. The line even offers multiple sunscreens which are essential to maintaining young, healthy skin.

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