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Skincare is one of the most underappreciated treatment options available today. While there are an infinite number of skincare brands out there, it is important to make the difference between a consumer-grade and medical-grade skincare line.

Consumer-grade skincare lines can be found at department stores and beauty stores. Medical-grade skincare lines are only found in physicians’ offices and have prescription strength ingredients.

We carry ZO Skin Health products because we believe it is the best skincare line on the market today.  These products employ the same philosophy of Vitamin A and Vitamin C derivatives that Dr. Lee believes in to achieve the most youthful and radiant skin.

Dr. Lee highly recommends vitamin C and/or A (retinols) as active ingredients to any skincare routine. Both of these products increase skin cell turnover and encourage the more youthful skin in the deeper layers to come out more quickly. This improves skin texture, wrinkles, pigment, and gives a more youthful appearance.

Vitamin C is a great active ingredient that has less unwanted effects than retinols. Dr. Lee will generally recommend this during the summer or in patients who have milder signs of aging.

Retinol is a powerful medication that can be difficult to use but has substantial benefits. There is always a transition period of roughly one month where your skin will become irritated, dry, and sometimes break out. After this transition period, the only unwanted effect that usually remains is sun sensitivity, so it is important to always wear a sunscreen. Dr. Lee will create a custom skin care plan with you in order to best achieve your goals.

“I see a lot of older patients and the ones that have been on a retinol most of their lives look 10-20 years younger than the patients who have not.” 

–Dr. Lee


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