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Sunscreen is one of the best and easiest things you can do to slow down the aging process. Since the effect of UV rays add up over time, it is never too early to implement the use of sunscreen into your everyday routine.

We often get asked which product should I start using? The real answer is any one that you feel good about using every single day! One of the biggest reasons patients stop using a daily sunscreen is because a lot of products out there feel heavy when they go onto your face. If something is too heavy, chances are that you will stop using it at some point in the future.

We really love the EltaMD sunscreen lineup because they are very lightweight and apply very easily. When used in combination with a solid skincare routine, it will help you dramatically slow down the aging process.

Our favorites are:

EltaMD UV Clear (untinted or tinted) - Plastic Surgery Boston

EltaMD UV Clear (untinted or tinted) – is great as an everyday facial sunscreen and we love that it has niacinamide, a great anti-inflammatory for your skin. The package says it is designed for those prone to acne, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation, but we love it for everyone. Very lightweight and our patients love it!

EltaMD UV Elements (tinted only) - Plastic Surgery Boston

EltaMD UV Elements (tinted only) – this is a physical sunscreen that goes on light and is also water resistant. It is great for those with very sensitive skin or after a facial treatment such as laser or microneedling.

EltaMD UV Sport (untinted only) - Plastic Surgery Boston

EltaMD UV Sport (untinted only) – great for your face or body when you are going to be sweating. It is waterproof for 80 minutes and feels great going on.

EltaMD Lip Balm - Plastic Surgery Boston

EltaMD Lip Balm – since UV rays can dry out your lips just as easily, a lip balm with SPF is a great way of keeping your lips looking and feeling great all year round.

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