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Chemical peels are used to rapidly exfoliate your skin and bring out more youthful skin to the surface. This can help with pigment, wrinkles, scarring, and overall texture. Since there are a variety of strengths of peels, it is important to discuss with Dr. Lee your goals so that he can recommend the best strength peel.

Chemical peels typically take 15 minutes to administer and can be done awake. The strongest peels usually require a sedation anesthesia but still take the same amount of time.

A good candidate for a chemical peel is anyone who has sunspots, pigment, wrinkles, scarring, or problems with skin texture.

A chemical peel is usually followed by 7-10 days of skin peeling. During this time, it is important to stay completely out of the sun and keep your face moisturized. Dr. Lee will recommend a skincare regimen which begins 6 weeks prior to your peel.

With the stronger peels, your skin may have a pink hue that will fade over the course of several months. Once you have finished peeling, you may use makeup to cover any residual healing.

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