How Breast Lift Surgery Can Restore Your Droopy Breasts

Dr. Jeffrey Lee is a Harvard trained plastic surgeon serving patients in the greater Boston area. He specializes in cosmetic procedures of the face, breast, body, as well as nonsurgical treatments such as Botox and Juvederm. After medical school, he completed his training in surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital, a Harvard Medical School hospital. During this time, he also completed a fellowship in the Plastic Surgery Research Lab where he published numerous book chapters and journal articles. He also traveled extensively giving presentations at the national and international level advancing the field of plastic surgery. Haute Beauty discusses breast lift surgery with Dr. Lee emphasizing the positive impact it can have to achieve a youthful appearance. /em>

HB: What is a breast lift?

Breast lift surgery is a procedure that lifts the breast and improves the contour. With time and certain situations such as pregnancy and weight gain/loss, the breasts can droop and sit lower than they were earlier in life. To many patients, this makes them feel uneasy about their breasts and how they look. Surgery to lift the breasts can restore the shape to the way it used to be. This usually means that they will sit higher on the chest and be more youthful in appearance. Breast lift surgery comes in all sorts of varieties depending on your starting anatomy. The different types of scars associated with breast lift surgery can be around the nipple/areola (circumareolar), around the areola and down (vertical or lollipop), and a full anchor scar that involves a scar around the areola, down, and across the breast fold. Most patients who desire a lift require a full anchor scar to give the appropriate amount of lift to meet their goals. There are other varieties as well, which is why an in-person consultation and examination is best to find out what is best suited for the job.

HB: Who is a good candidate for a breast lift without implants?

A good candidate for breast lift surgery without implants is a patient who likes the volume of their breasts but is just unhappy with the shape and droop. Since breast lift surgery by itself does not add any volume, it is great for people who do not want to go any bigger. Patients who desire larger volume or a significant amount of upper pole fullness usually require an implant which adds some complexity.

HB: What is your approach to a breast lift that makes you a standout breast surgeon?

My approach to breast lift surgery starts by assessing the patient’s goals and their starting anatomy. From there, I will discuss the various options as well as their pros and cons. My job as a plastic surgeon is to focus on educating my patients so that we can make the best decision together based on the goals. My focus revolves around helping the patient understand all the aspects of a proposed treatment plan as well as the risks involved so that everyone is on the same page.

Recovery from breast lift surgery is actually a lot easier than people expect. I use a specific pain medication regimen that really cuts down on discomfort so most of my patients are feeling pretty good even by the next day. I almost always hear that the recovery was easier than they had anticipated and that they do not know why they waited so long to go through with it. After the initial healing process starts, it is important to know that with some techniques, the breast will look a little weird for a few months while the tissues heal and settle. In addition, the scars will take 12-18 months to fully mature.

HB: Post-op what are things patients can do to assure the best results?

Postoperatively, it is important to abide by the instructions given to you. You will be asked to wear a surgical bra or any nonpadded/non-underwired bra for a month. To make your scars heal the best that they can it is important to avoid any sun exposure and to use a silicone gel or sheet when instructed.

HB: What is the cost?

Cost is a big variable and it really depends on how much work needs to be done. On average, breast lift surgery ranges between $8500-10500. More details on pricing and ranges for other procedures are listed on our website.


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