Cosmetic Surgery Under 18? Dr. Lee Shares his thoughts

Dr. Jeffrey Lee | Breast | Boston

I generally advise against any cosmetic surgery for teenagers under the age of 18. Your body has the potential to change up until age 18 and sometimes after 18. Until you are sure that nothing will change dramatically, I generally advise against doing anything permanent such as cosmetic surgery. The other reason why I feel this way is that before the age of 18 you are not consenting for yourself for any procedure. Even with cosmetic procedures, there are small amounts of risks that can lead to unexpected outcomes. I feel that the patient should be the ones to understand what they are getting themselves involved in and be able to sign for themselves. The last reason I advise against cosmetic surgery before 18 is that how you want to look may dramatically change once you cross over the 18-year mark. The last thing you want to do is change yourself a certain way only to find that you actually wanted something different one or two years down the road.

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