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Body Lift

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A body lift is a combination procedure that starts with a tummy tuck. Instead of stopping at the flank area, the incision is continued all the way around the back so that the contour is improved in the abdomen, flanks, lateral thighs, lower back, and buttock regions.

This procedure typically takes 6 hours to perform and is often broken up into two separate surgeries. Dr. Lee will make this recommendation during your consultation as being under anesthesia for too long does increase the risk of problems.

A body lift includes a tummy tuck over the abdominal area. Since the incision is extended around to the back, improvements are made in the flank, thigh, lower back, and buttock. If done during one surgery, this procedure starts with the patient on their stomach so that Dr. Lee can perform the back portion first. Then the patient is turned onto his/her back so that Dr. Lee can perform the front portion which includes the tummy tuck. If performed separately, either portion can be performed first and is generally guided by the patient’s schedule for recovery.

Typically, patients requiring a body lift have lost a significant amount of weight either on their own or with some form of weight loss surgery. These patients can have a significant amount of excess skin that includes their abdomen and back.

Recovery from a body lift typically requires 2 weeks off from work or school if done at the same time.

Cost of Procedure

Body Lift prices in Boston are estimates only. Dr. Lee will determine the price during your consultation and will be affected by the recommended surgical technique, patient anatomy, time, and implant type (If applicable). Click here for our pricing guide and additional information.

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