Anyone Can Glow From A Personalized DiamondGlow Facial Treatment

Finding a skincare treatment that virtually works on everyone and anyone is not commonplace, especially in the world of skincare. So when we heard of DiamondGlow, the treatment that can be designed for each person, we had to know more. Here Haute Beauty expert Dr. Jeffrey Lee filled us in on the treatment of the century, DiamondGlow.


DiamondGlow is a combination facial treatment that involves microdermabrasion, extraction, and targeted treatment serum. During your treatment, you should expect a relaxing experience with no pain. The whole treatment involves multiple steps that include a cleansing step, the DiamondGlow, and then the application of post-treatment skincare/sunscreen. The whole process takes 30-45 minutes and is a great step towards better-looking skin.

Ideal Candidate

As already mentioned, anyone can get a DiamondGlow. The more common treatment concerns are anti-aging, brightening, moisturizing, and acne-fighting. It is great if you want to look great for an event or for a particular weekend and it is also great for a more long-term goal of healthier and better-looking skin. Depending on your goals, your aesthetician will come up with the best treatment plan which may involve multiple treatments.


From a results standpoint, patients should expect healthier and better-looking skin. The best thing to compare DiamondGlow to is the Hydrafacial. In Dr. Lee’s opinion, DiamondGlow provides a slightly more powerful treatment which translates to a more powerful effect on the skin while still remaining pain-free with no downtime.

Patients can get treatment as frequently as once a week but most patients choose to come in once a month. Before your DiamondGlow treatment, you should avoid sun exposure and stop any retinol-containing products. DiamondGlow is oftentimes combined with Botox at the same appointment but we recommend avoiding any filler for at least one week.


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