A Facelift…But Let’s Make It Mini

Dr. Jeffrey Lee is a Harvard-trained plastic surgeon serving patients in the greater Boston area. He specializes in cosmetic procedures of the face, breast, body, and non-surgical treatments such as Botox and Juvederm. Dr. Lee’s vision for patient care blends both safety as well as optimal aesthetic outcomes.

Everyone ages. Although it’s not ideal, we can’t avoid it. But what we can do is hide it! Thanks to Haute Beauty expert Dr. Jeffrey Lee we now have access to the “mini facelift.” Even if you are in the beginning stages of aging or lack the need for a full blown facelift, there is still an option for you.

The mini facelift is a less invasive procedure. It has a shorter recovery period compared to its alternative traditional facelift, which makes it ideal if you are showing signs of mild to moderate facial aging. Not only does Dr. Lee have it readily available, but he strives to provide the best mini facelift results that Boston has to offer.

The Difference

Similar to a traditional facelift, the mini facelift reduces the appearance of wrinkles, lines, and sagging in various areas across the face. However, it often only requires the use of local anesthesia, and uses smaller incisions. It doesn’t entail the same comprehensive care and dramatic results seen in the traditional procedure. If looking to refresh the appearance of the face and rejuvenate your youthful skin without harsh results, the mini facelift may be the perfect procedure for you!

What to Expect

When looking to receive a mini facelift, Dr. Jeffrey Lee will start out with a consultation at JL Plastic Surgery to pinpoint the issues and curate a custom surgical plan that fits each individual patient. Depending on the effected areas, from there, they can proceed with the mini facelift, tightening facial muscles and removing small amounts of fat. The skin will also be gently lifted and tightened to give the face a smoother and more youthful appearance.

Is the mini facelift the one for you?

Mini facelifts are ideal for candidates beginning to notice aging in the lower areas of the face and can include issues like jowling and laxity along the lower face. Depending on the specific issues, for best results, mini facelifts may even be paired with other treatments such as FaceTite for more dramatic results with less downtime.

The Recovery Process

As mentioned earlier, the mini facelift is much less invasive compared to a traditional face lift. This results in speedy recovery times only lasting for about two weeks. The team at JL plastic surgery will be there to provide post-operative instructions and prepare you for the process of recovery that lies ahead to make sure you look like your best self post mini facelift.


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