3 Benefits of Sunscreen & Why Everyday Use is Essential

Sunscreen Boston, MA

Through my career, I have learned that patients either love sunscreen or hate it. Proper education about the benefits of sunscreen is the best way to transform sunscreen haters into daily users! 1. protection against uva/uvb rays The first, and most well-known, benefit of sunscreen is protection from the sun. […]

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What’s New with Laser Technology?

Laser Technology Boston, MA

When it comes to skin resurfacing, there are two main categories: ablative and nonablative. Nonablative lasers can deliver energy in the form of heat which can stimulate collagen and improve the skin quality. The way it does this is by “cooking” the tissue to the point where some of it […]

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Breast Reductions: Determining Medical Necessity

Breast Reduction Boston MA

Every breast reduction surgery includes a breast lift. When consulting about a breast reduction, I typically share how the lift portion of the operation is really providing the majority of the relief. One analogy I frequently make is imagine holding a five pound weight in your hand. It’s easy to […]

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