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3 Benefits of Sunscreen & Why Everyday Use is Essential

As a plastic surgeon, I evaluate faces everyday to help my patients improve the quality and health of their skin. One product I always recommend adding to your morning skincare regimen is a sunscreen! Through my career, I have learned that patients either love sunscreen or hate it. Proper education about the benefits of sunscreen […]

What’s New with Laser Technology?

The first thing to know is that there are many different types of lasers on the market today. There are lasers that are designed for hair removal, lasers designed to deliver heat to the skin, lasers designed to ablate tissue, and many many others. Within each of these categories, there are several different manufacturers that […]

Breast Reductions: Determining Medical Necessity

Photo from Atlantic Physical The benefits of a breast reduction can be transformative for patients. Those suffering from macromastia, or large breasts, are impacted significantly. I often hear that large breasts can make purchasing clothes, exercising, and even daily activities difficult. Symptoms of macromastia include neck/back pain, grooving along the shoulders and potential rashes along […]

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