I’m a 43 years old woman that was never happy with my breasts since I was a teenager. About 7 years ago I finally decided to get my surgery done by a previous doctor. To my misfortune, it didn’t come out anywhere near what I’ve dreamed of – when all I wanted was to have a normal naturally looking and size breasts. I never wanted any implants either, but was convinced by my surgeon then that implants were to be a must for me in order to make them look natural. I trusted the surgeon and accepted it as the ultimate truth. I was very unhappy and disappointed with the results; but I just accepted as my faith and didn’t do anything about it. Until … … Fast forward to NOW: Finding Dr. Lee and the great reviews on Google research gave me hope and I decided to give it a try and promising myself that this time around I’d be more careful and do a deeper research before settling in. Where has he been all my life?! I don’t have strong enough words to express how happy I am with my results and entire overall EXPERIENCE! Tears of joy every time I look myself in the mirror – my level of confidence and freedom rose very high! I had my surgery back in September of 2020, I had the breast implants removed & mammoplasty, and I also had a blepharoplasty – both surgeries at the same time. I AM EXTREMELY HAPPY WITH BOTH RESULTS! The surgeries went so smooth and easy – it was like a walk in the park for me really. Never had any pain and never needed to take any of the pain medications he prescribed me. His medical team is absolutely AMAZING! I remember laughing at the surgical bed seconds before the anesthesia put me to sleep. I arrived there around 11 a.m. and was being picked up by my brother to go home at 5 p.m. He contacted me as soon as I arrived home to check on me – extremely caring and thoroughly! From the minute you meet every one of the staff to the minute you’re done with your overall experience, all you see is consistency in professionalism, attention to detail, patience, knowledge and kindness! You will have all of your questions and concerns satisfactorily answered and you will be very well informed throughout the process before making your decision! It is all about the EXPERIENCE! Dr. Lee & his team BEYOND DELIVERED! I can’t thank him enough! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND JL PLASTIC SURGERY!!!